Why is Dragon Fruit so Expensive?


Dragon fruits are exotic fruits and are also expensive. And people have this common question about why is dragon fruit so expensive?

Some fruits and berries are named exotic because of their rare availability, demanding growth necessities, the time needed to mature, the atmosphere condition, and more. 

These exotic plants have more factors affecting their growth. Therefore it is challenging for these exotic plants to grow well and produce many fruits. Because only when all the growth conditions are met would the plant be able to make a fruit. 

Read on to know why is dragon fruit so expensive, along with some pointers about the benefits of dragon fruit. 

Growth Conditions of a Dragon Fruit


The factor affecting this is the climate and the temperature. Due to this, dragon fruits cannot be grown anywhere. These only grow in sub-tropical regions with an equal distribution of sunlight and moisture. 

The most critical condition for the growth of dragon fruit plants is the required temperature. And for this, 40 – 60cm of rainfall and 20 to 30 degrees of temperature is the best choice and comfortable amount of sunlight and moisture. 

Even though this is a cactus and has leniency with the type of soil, this can only be grown in sub-tropical regions.

Why is Dragon Fruit so Expensive?


These cacti plant fruits have a poor shelf life. This makes another reason why is dragon fruit so expensive. So, for non-tropical regions, these fruits had to be exported. This automatically increases the price of the dragon fruit. 

The following reason in answering why is dragon fruit so expensive is the cost of growing this cactus breed according to the required growth necessities. 

The list of reasons why is dragon fruit so expensive is below.

  • Their specific growth condition, 
  • Its unique appearance and color
  • Size and shape 
  • The taste
  • The benefits 

These are all that make this an exotic fruit and the reason and answer why is dragon fruit so expensive.


The health and decor benefits are also the answer to why is dragon fruit so expensive. Dragon fruits are meager in calories and rich in vitamin c, fiber, and antioxidants. Adding these fruits to breakfast, lunch, and an evening snack is highly recommended.

Dragon fruits can maintain and improve the health of the human body. The health benefits are listed below. 

  • Better immune system
  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Cures nerves and constipation problems
  • Protects heart health
  • Better digestion process
  • Stronger bones
  • A natural kidney cleanser
  • Prevents cancer formation

These health reasons answer the question of why is dragon fruit so expensive.


The dragon fruits are sold in numbers instead of weight in non-tropical regions. This shows the availability of it in those places. In some areas, it is sold as frozen bite-sized cubes, as cut pieces, etc., The weak shelf life is also the reason for the expensive cost of the fruit.

The answer to the question of why is dragon fruit so expensive is due to several growth reasons and limitations, farming costs, the decor look of the fruit, the various health benefits offered by the fruit, and more. But these are worth the fees for the different health gains it provides.

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