What Does Star Fruit Taste Like?


The fruit is from southeast Asian regions. When the fruit is cut horizontally in half, the cut parts look accurately like a star. And hence the name star fruit. In Vietnam, the star fruit is compared to gold. This shows the respect and cares the Vietnamese give for the fruit irrespective of the star fruit taste.

And this is because of the benefits it gives. The star fruit is highly valued for its medicinal benefits. The color of the fruit is yellow or green based on the star fruit taste.

If you want to know more about this golden fruit, continue.

Origin of Star Fruit


The star fruit is also known as carambola. The star fruit started its origin in tropical zones of southeast Asia. It spread from the south of China, India, and the Philippines. Vietnam almost worships the fruit due to its medicinal benefits.

As this is a tropical and subtropical plant, this start fruit tree needs sunlight and water to grow well. The start fruit is also used as an ornamental plant for house and restaurant decorations.

Apart from the two main types of prominent star fruit taste, there are various types based on regions and other changes in the star fruit taste.

Current Growth Places

There are different types of regions in south Florida, Hawaii, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other tropical places. The fruit’s shape and size may vary from place to place.

These trees can also be grown in pots and greenhouses. The tree grows on any soil with good drainage until it gets the needed moisture and sunlight. But this tree should be in shelter during the winter seasons.

The appearance of this carambola tree is a small size fit for a potted tree plant. A fully grown star fruit tree is said to give eighty to ninety kilos of fruit in its lifetime.

Star Fruit Taste

The star fruit is of two types based on the two prominent star fruit tastes. They are sweet and sour. The sweet version of the star fruit has a bright yellow color. The other star fruit taste has a yellowish-green color to it.

The star fruit taste is said to differ from place to place. The change is found in the sweetness of the star fruit taste. They range from the top sweetest to the sourest taste.

People who have tasted this fruit describe it as a combination of pineapple, orange, and grapes. A mix of apple and citrus flavors together. The fruit is said to be sweet with a slight crispiness to it.

Which Star Fruit Taste is Better?

Between the sweet and sour taste of the star fruit, the sweet type of the star fruit taste is highly recommended for eating. This can be eaten fresh or added to any suitable food assortments.

People trying to buy this star fruit, ensure to buy a bright yellow one. Not the green ones or yellow ones with brown spots. Because the first is not ripe and the latter is overripe. These star fruit taste sour and can also be a mix of sweet and sour.

Nutritional Benefits

The fruit is nutrition-packed and has excellent health benefits apart from the particular star fruit taste. The star fruit is low in calories and sugar, high in fiber, and is a rich source of vitamins B5 and C, calcium, protein, sodium, folate, copper, potassium, and magnesium.

Even with the sweet star fruit taste, the sugar level in this is comparably low. The promises of eating this star fruit are

  1. Anti-cancer
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Increase in immunity
  4. weight loss
  5. Improved digestion, heart and lung health

Even with all these benefits, there are some setbacks to this. People with kidney diseases should not be going near this fruit. The fruit contains some neurotoxins that a normal kidney can handle but are not defective.


The fantastic star fruit taste will make anyone wonder due to its complex flavor blends. This magical potted tree can be grown at any time of the year and in any soil.

The star fruit is not that popular in western places, but it is one of the tops in southeast Asia and other tropical areas, primarily because of the health benefits and the star fruit taste.

If anybody gets a chance to taste the sweet star fruit taste, it is assumed that they would surely be impressed.

Remember only to get the bright yellow ones because they are the perfectly ripe and sweetest star fruits.

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