How to Wash Fruit With Vinegar?


Living in a world made of chemicals, finding an actual natural fruit isn’t easy. The seeds are all hybrids, sprayed with pesticides and coated with wax and other chemicals, and forced to keep their freshness longer. All we can do is clean the produce we get.

Wash the fruit with vinegar is needed to clean it and rid it of all the pesticides, wax, and other toxic chemicals. Clean produce is the only way to keep the body healthy and clean inside and outside.

So, here is how you wash fruit with vinegar, along with some pointers on the benefits and why to use vinegar.

How to Wash Fruit With Vinegar?

When washing fruits today, more than ordinary water is needed. The vital thing to know on how to wash fruit with vinegar is the measurement of the vinegar and the water, along with soaking time.

The typical measurements in washing the fruits with vinegar are three or four parts water and one part vinegar. This makes the vinegar solution wash. There are different ways to wash fruit with vinegar.

One is to soak them, and the other is to use a sprayer. For berries and other smaller fruits soaking method can be used. A spray bottle would do the trick for larger fruits like apples, papayas, and jackfruit.

To soak and wash fruit with vinegar, use a large bowl and mix it with the vinegar fruit solution. Ensure the fruits are submerged in the solution and soak them for five to ten minutes.

To spray and wash fruit with vinegar, spray the fruits with the vinegar solution on all sides. The solution must be on the fruits for about five to ten minutes.

After the said time, either in the soaking or spraying method, thoroughly rinse the fruits with clean water and pat them dry. Fruits are now ready to eat.

Why Use Vinegar?


Vinegar is used to wash fruit with vinegar because it is not a harsh chemical and is anti-bacterial. The vinegar cleans off the residue, dirt, and any bacterial remains on the fruit. This also cleans the other toxins similar to pesticides if soaked for a long time.

The Benefits

Clean fruits. What more can we ask for? But there is more. Vinegar is available readily in any kitchen. They are completely affordable too. They clean the fruits and all the products of their toxins and wax. Literally a boon. No need for store-bought chemical washers.


The days of fresh fruits and products have long gone. We now have hybrids, experiments, fruits, and other products made of pesticides and toxins. To top these all, the fruits get a special wax coating on top of them. This makes them look fresh for more days.

To help us from these toxins, god gave us vinegar. You can use white vinegar to wash fruit with vinegar or apple cider vinegar. That is up to your choice.

But kindly wash fruit with vinegar and all other produce for a safe and healthy meal.

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