How To Cut Dragon Fruit?


Dragon fruit is an exotic fruit that can be used in other snack recipes and eaten as a whole fruit. This dragon fruit is a cactus species and is available in almost twenty-five varieties based on shape, skin color, and flesh color.

Also known as pitaya, the dragon fruit originates from central and south America. These cacti species are now found worldwide on six more continents. This exotic fruit has different methods on how to cut dragon fruit, using or presenting it.

Read on to find out how to cut dragon fruit in various methods possible.

Types of Dragon Fruits

The dragon fruit differs based on its skin color, flesh color, and shape. The main types are

  1. White dragon fruit
  2. Pink dragon fruit
  3. Red dragon fruit
  4. Yellow dragon fruit
  5. Sour dragon fruit

These five types have various subtypes under them.


Such as the white dragon fruit has ten other types in it based on the shape and place they are available. The pink one has seven kinds in it. The red dragon fruit has four. The yellow and the sour types are one of a king by themselves. Knowing how to cut dragon fruit in different ways is always a plus.

Due to its varying color and shape, there are also different methods of how to cut dragon fruit, and they are explained in the following.

How To Cut Dragon Fruit?


Extra skill is always helpful, even if it is knowing how to cut dragon fruit. Anything can come in handy at times. All the types of methods how to cut dragon fruit are explained below.

  • Wedges – cut off the top leaf part and cut the fruit in half and halves. It can be cut into any number of wedges by cutting the pieces in half. Knowing this trick on how to cut dragon fruit, a drinking glass can use this as a wedge piece on it.
  • Cubes – start by cutting the top part and the fruit in half. Hold the fruit with the flesh side up on your palms. Gently slice through the fruit’s flesh in vertical and horizontal strips without tearing off the skin.

Then gently loosen up the pieces, and cute dragon fruit cubes will be on the skin as a vessel. These cubes can be eaten as it is or used in a salad or any other recipe.

  • Skinless – peel off the skin entirely and cut them as you want in slices, cubes, or wedges. This is another method on how to cut dragon fruit.
  • Scoop out – cut the fruit in half. Irrespective of skin. Then scoop out the flesh from the fruit using a spoon.


There are many ways to cut dragon fruit. It can be cut and used in any recipe for its sweet taste. One can also blend them in a smoothie, have as it is as a fruit, or more.

The trick on how to cut dragon fruit relies on the individual on how to eat this fantastic dragon-looking fruit.

Hope these helped cut the dragon fruit in exciting ways for presenting or serving them.

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