How Not To Diet and Still Stay Healthy?


Shortcuts, jump routes, and one-day results are all that we are after in our lives. We are ready to take shortcuts in every aspect of life. In school, we wanted an A+. In college, we wanted to party and pass the degree at the time, and in life, we just wanted to wake up one day and be settled.

The same goes for our health and our self-care. We expect to be healthy, chic, and beautiful without lifting a finger. Like, how not to diet and still be healthy? How not to do any self-care and have flawless skin and healthy hair?

Well, for people who want the short route on health, then read on to these tricks on how not to diet but be healthy.

How Not to Diet


Maintaining the diet is hard. Not even kidding – Being around all these pizzas, burgers, pasta, fries, cakes, icecreams, puff pastries, candies, and the leading lord chocolates, it is impossible to avoid them.

And no cheat days are not enough. And here is how not to diet. The motive of the diet is to keep the calorie intake and calories spent to match the adequate amount of calories in the body.

So, instead of eating all those fancy salads that taste like life has given up on us, we can try to burn more calories. This way, we can eat what we want and at the same time be healthy.

Easy Exercises


Speaking of burning more calories, exercises come in. calorie burners. Well, there are too many ways to burn calories. You can even sit in a single place and burn calories like filling a water bottle.

For how not to diet and stay healthy, you can go for a long walk, a simple jog, play with your kid or dog or your partner, or do some bodyweight exercises like

  • Jumping jacks
  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Mountain climbers
  • High knees

These are some of the easiest and most effective exercises for how not to diet.

If you are a gym addict, then good for you. But for those lazy intelligent people out there, chess is their gift. This mind game can burn a tremendous amount of calories. Find a buddy to play with, and the rest is set. You can even play while eating a double cheese, double patty burger.

Tricks to Stay Healthy

The key to how not to diet and stay healthy is when and how you eat, not how much. The trick is giving our body time for the next meal.

Leave a six to seven-hour interval before eating anything. For people with a fast metabolism, have a three to four-hour break before your snacks. There are healthy junk foods too. If you want, you can try that for a change.

But beware, do not skip a meal. This will make the body take in more than it needs because we are here to know how not to diet, not end up doing it.

Healthy Junks


There are thousands of healthy junk snacks worldwide, varying geographically. Yet still healthy. These are made with sweet ingredients for health purposes.

Homemade snacks for how not to diet are,

  • Dark chocolate
  • Pretzels and popcorns
  • Potato chips
  • Milk sweets
  • Fruit cakes and sweets
  • Peanut treats
  • Bread, cookies, and biscuits
  • Yogurt pops
  • Fruit juices and smoothies
  • Ramen
  • Chicken fries
  • Granola bars
  • Fruit candies with honey and caramel

The list is unstoppable. You want to know how not to diet, and here it is.

Water Magic


Water is the ultimate solution to how not to diet and stay healthy. Start by drinking water right after you wake up. Then keep drinking water throughout the day but in small quantities.

Drink water before you sleep. Do this and go about your everyday activities. Your body will clean out the extra fat and other junk without any form of help from you.


These diet trends are in the social media about people going keto and whatnot, telling people about what they ate and how they lost their weight most brutally and miserably as possible.

Being healthy is essential. But why do all these leafy kinds of stuff kill out taste buds? We are not made for those leaves. We are driven to enjoy all the food and flavor that the world has to offer. The trendings should be how not to diet instead of all those diet tips.

If we can figure out a way to be healthy and know how not to diet and stay healthy,

then what’s wrong?

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